It's that time of year again...Steam Awards!



I’m doing my job! Btw has Unturned ever won an award?


Unturned was a finalist for The “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” Award from the last Steam Awards.


I believe you mean from the first Steam Awards, in 2016.

In Steam Awards 2017 no such award existed.


Y’all can’t deny this one.



A) You can get a direct link to your nomination (here’s mine) instead of taking pics

B) You can directly paste a pic as opposed to using Gyazo or uploading them

Torra's pics without having to click on the obnoxious URL bois

Nitpicking over, I tried to vote for as many of the “underdog” or indie games as possible.


Thx GHJ, the images didn’t wanna load.


i agree on your vr choice


I swear if we lose to a stupid truck simulator again I’m going to game end myself


While you do that, I’ll end-game myself and take 'm head on. >:Y


inb4 Unturned II in Steam Awards 2019 loses to American Truck Simulator 2: Electric Boogaloo