ITT: Political leaning indicator thing

Remember moderators, I’m only partially to blame for the politically-oriented shunning that is to come.
Here you go, comrades. Have fun.

Here's mine.

I hope this devolves into chaos like every other thread I posted in in this month.



Cool I go fly off bridge now

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Recatagorized, also this will be fun. I’m assuming most forum users are kinda conservstive but this will be neat to see.

Heres mine: I dont really have that many hard political values other than anti imperialism. I got pragmatism and veganism as the extra things lol

this is the worst looking flag ever

What are you complaining about?

Honestly, the pragmatism is spot on, as well as my progressiveness and internationalism. I am however surprised with the justice bar as I’m sure that I’m actually pretty strongly in favor of rehabilitative justice.

i found a flag redcomm might like


i’ve taken a number of these political leaning tests, and they all have their vague and/or “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” questions.

this test seems to be at least fucking HALF of those kinds of questions.

miss me with that bullshit.


im gonna leave mine here and run

(inb4 im yelled at by everyone)

my flag looks cooler than urs

yours is literally just a sickle on a tricolour flag
mines just a circle though

my flag
ur flag

I think my flag is better.

i mean i think mine’s better, it looks like an african flag or something

white, blue and yellow is a poor colour combination,_white,_yellow_flags

Someone wants to square up with you now.

Proudly a center-ish dude.

yes well they all look bad

apart from argentina but that’s pale blue, not dark blue. Looks balanced paired with the white.

My results.

libertard lmao

Libertad. meaning liberty