I've been banned on the Unturned Discord and request an unban

Some time ago (About a month ago) I made a video where I simply called out Statswalle for allegedly doing inappropriate things,
I wasn’t certain if they did it or not but that currently isn’t the underlying issue why I’ve been banned, but one of the reasons

I by accident have posted it in the official Unturned discord, thinking it was another server
Not noticing I went to sleep since I stayed up pretty late to finish it.
Waking up tommorow I saw I have gotten a DM from the Carl-Bot saying

I was instantly panicked and tried to find a way how to get myself unbanned,
I regret those actions and have deleted the video since considering the information was false and that I felt uncomfortable discussing such things.

In the video I by accident have misgendered and used false pronouns on accident,
I did not do this on purpouse,
Now why I’ve done that is because I am from Serbia
In Serbia we have 3 pronouns
and Neuter

I think to myself and write scripts in Serbian (I am from Serbia) then translate them later,
Now I haven’t noticed their pronouns and on accident have misgendered them not even noticing
The video has been deleted since, as I stated
And the underlying issue is that I posted it on accident in the wrong Discord server thinking it was my friends.

Since then I’ve tried to find out how to get unbanned
I’ve looked on the Steam forum and haven’t found anything.
And have forgotten about it since.

Today I was tasked a project in Blender by one of my friends to make his thumbnail for a project.
I was trying to find the .assets file for the clothes textures and failed to do so considering I am pretty new to Blender.
I went to go see on the official Unturned discord if anybody could help me considering I have done that before. When I scrolled through my joined server I have only found the r/Unturned discord and not the official one. In that moment I remembered that I was banned and I went out again to find out how to get unbanned. I scoured Steam discussions again and Google until I stumbled on a post on the SDG Forums asking for an unban on the discord.
I figured I should now try to get unbanned and fix this issue I am having, and here I am asking for an unban.

I never meant to offend anyone since I don’t like speaking about those topics and don’t like talking about my beliefs, and have posted that by accident thinking it was my friends DIscord.
If you would be so kind to unban me from the Discord I would be under outmost gratitude,
Thank you.

My Discord is: @JankoBroPro
(Same as on SDG)

Hey, JankoBroPro. Your appeal has been denied at this time – such content and other “drama video”–esque stuff shouldn’t be posted in the server.


Appeal denied at this time.

If you’re looking for help with modding, there’s a lot of other communities/resources you can use besides the official Discord server.