I've remade Unturned's UI to more fit the 21st century


It’s apparent that Unturned’s UI is generally clunky, ugly and could use a lot of work. A lot of people have suggested and even put forward concepts for Unturned 3.0 and it’s soon to be brother, 4.0.

Most of what I’ve seen (while good design wise), uses the same blocky look that Unturned already has, so why not a cleaner more scenic version?

In this concept* I’ve made, the menu transforms from a ‘grid’ to a gradient, pushing everything to the left while providing scenic views in which the playermodel stands in. Think something like the CS:GO Panorama UI that has been released recently. (Also please note that if I had the proper software, this would be a video and not a still image.)
*Concept made in MS Paint, so forgive me for the possibly misaligned icons.

Another concept* shows the in-game pause menu (gradient in the middle is supposed to be a lot more opaque, MS Paint is pretty primitive.)

I would’ve made more but it’s 5 AM at the time of making these and everything is going blurry. So goodbye, I’ll respond when I wake up.

Edit: In terms of a UI, while this is pretty, it’s obviously ‘distracting’ from the game, this could be fixed by making any ingame UI’s more opaque.


As we all know, 2.0 and 1.0 were developed in the 20th century.
Main menu is kinda iffy to me, but I could live with it. The in-game concept thing you have though is BIG NASTY
Maybe when loading it shows you panoramic views of the most recent map you’ve played, instead of PEI over and over again.


Obviously it wouldn’t just be PEI, only so many times you could recycle that map’s scenic areas.


The first one looks… ok. It’s not bad. But I think it could be better.

It’s kinda reminds me of something… I’m not sure…

Anyhow, ever heard of Zombieville usa 2? I think this concept. Combined with ZU2’s “segue” (basically a transition between one screen to another, in this case. From looking at the ground in pure darkness and looking up fading in to this screen.) would fitted more. Maybe if the player decides to afk on a main menu for a while, a zombie would come from a distance and kill the player. Somewhat of an easter egg I guess.


Nice, good job.

Personally, a thing that I always wanted to be able to do with the original main menu screen was to have the possibility to change/improve the items in the background, maybe by unlocking stuff while playing (like the skin random drops lets say).

Also being able to change the location where your character stands would be cool, especially if also that was unlockable with playtime/reaching goals.


Looks nice, but I personally think that the focus should be more on the game itself then the UI, because right now the UI doesn’t look bad at all. Yes, it could use some tweaks (especially the server list, even more direct on the filters). But at the end you spent most of the time in game itself.