July 19 (and 28) | Forum Update

  • Updated the Discourse installation to v.2.4.0.beta2 +66.

  • Added Belarusian language.

Account Security

  • TOTP/2FA settings are all managed from the same page.

  • Multiple TOTP factors can be set up.

  • Removing your Associated Steam Account is now possible by a single button click.

Search Bar

  • Tags and tag groups work better with the search bar now.

  • You can search by tag group with a #tag-group search term.

  • in:tagged or in:untagged can be used to search for tagged or untagged topics respectively.


  • SDG-sponsored events will now be available in the Announcements sub-categories under the sponsored-event tag.

  • The Modding category is now split up between general discussion and support.

  • “Discourse Solved” button position and visibility was improved.

  • Search algorithm applies a slight penalty to closed topics when ordering search results from most relevant to least relevant.

  • Improved styling of Twitter oneboxes.

  • Fixed issues with some tags not being applicable for certain categories.

  • Added pirate language.

Don’t get their hopes up, pirate. Pirate-speak hasn’t been updated in years.


Finally, now @BATTLEKOT can properly communicate!


Lmao with who

I live in Belarusia, but I know only 5% of Belarusian language =D


Have we ever used Twitter oneboxes on this forum? I’m pretty sure this is the closest we’ve ever gotten: download-2

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I guess you live in that part of Belarus where the majority speaks russian

Not worthy of its own topic, so here’s the latest changes.

July 28 | Minor Forum Update

  • Fixed an issue where all the themes besides Dark Theme would not have colored names for staff.

  • Updated the Versatile Banners (primarily used when alerting users to upcoming site maintenance and downtime).

  • The Short Film Contest is still wrapping up, but a few of the participants have received badges in the meanwhile.

  • Fixed ordering of categories so that both of the Modding sub-categories no longer appear at the bottom of the list.

  • :intense_judgement: intense_judgement emoji and :filling_fullfueled: filling_fullfueled emoji.



where’s antibiotic emoji