June Update | June 23, 2020

The June patch notes are largely based on visual improvements, with minimal new features. Internet Explorer support has been disabled on the site, and outright removed by most plugins.


  • Updated the forum software
  • Support for IE11 has been disabled on the site
  • Updated various plugins, mostly in lieu of the dropped IE support
  • Improved invite links
  • Better support for multiple email addresses
  • The FAQ/Guidelines page now provides a link to other site policies
  • Cleaned up some badge queries


  • Updated menu designs
  • Updated various themes to support/recognize the menu changes
  • Increased the minimum width of drop-down lists, such as on the Theme Selector, to reduce wrapping
  • Adjusted the display of flairs on group cards to improve contrast and visibility over text

Groups and Categories

  • Updated the description of the Wiki Staff @wiki-staff group to be inclusive of both the SDG Wiki and the Unturned Bunker Wikia, and gave them a unique and identifiable flair
  • Added the @discord-team group, and gave their members a unique and identifiable flair
  • Tweaked various categories and their descriptions.
  • Added the Legally Distinct Missile #modding:ldm subcategory
  • Fixed up some inconsistencies with internal permissions for @c-mods


discord mods on the forum after new group and title added: