Junk items, more salvaging

What’s missing from this post-apocalyptic game are junk items. Well yes you can consider bad items like flashlight junk, but there could be actual ‘useless’ items that is only good for salvaging. Not only that, most destructible objects could be salvageable for resources.

This could make valuable items harder to get which also means that there’s no need to slide down the drop rate of rare items (Or basically the amount of loot in a location). It would also give a use to certain places like office buildings.

That pretty much covers what junk items could do. Below are just expanded ideas

First off, what can you get out of salvaging?

In 3.X, you can turn items into scrap, cloth and wooden sticks. It is very limited because alot of items are theoretically made out of things other than the resources listed before. Game could introduce more types of resources, ones which are especially exclusive from salvaging.

These ones could be added in:

  • Electronic Scrap - Various bits of electronic components. Salvaged from electronics such as flashlight and GPS. Used as a main component of craftable electronics
  • Plastic Scrap - Pieces of plastic. Salvaged from ‘Plastic’ items. Used to make many components and items like tyres.
  • Wooden Scrap (OPTIONAL) - Replaces wooden sticks from salvageable wooden items (Exceptions like Rake). Only used to craft planks and sticks

In addition, you can get more than one type of item from salvaging. For example, you can 2 wooden scrap and 2 metal scrap out of a Mosin-Nagant.

Electronic and plastic scrap serves as advanced components for complex items, like a Generator. When logistics are a thing, they’ll be even more crucial items to have

Junk items and objects to salvage

Anything can be added to pose as filler loot. Certain places like firestations, police stations and military locations don’t have much junk but low-durability items could make up for that.

There could also be items that can be found anywhere, like metal scrap and food/drinks

Examples of what items certain places would have:

  • Civilian - Toy (Plastic), chessboard (Wood), broken phone/calculator/camera (Plastic+electronic)
  • Food - Spoon/fork/butter knife/pot/can (Metal), cutting board (Wood), blender (Metal+electronic), bowl (Plastic)
  • Hardware store - Scrap (Metal/electronic/wood),
  • Office - Paperweight (Metal), clipboard (Wood), pen (Metal/plastic)
  • Police - Handcuffs (Metal), clipboard (Wood)

As for objects only small items like chairs, lamps, computers and TV can be salvaged. They’ll turn into scrap when salvaged, but some things like a small propane tank can be taken and placed.


Sounds great +1

Could it work better for most scrap items to have a frame that you can scrap or add good parts to, and have individual parts with durability that you can swap in similar to the gun customization screen?
This might be useful so you can either grab the electronic parts out of a radio, or take it and turn the frame into scrap metal, and do the same thing with guns and possibly cars. It would also allow for wear on gun and car parts, and increase the amount of maintenance required, without turning it into a “add 8 scrap or your gun does half damage” kind of thing.

I am fine with this as long as there is an option that will allow you to insta scrap things that are only useful for scrapping.

Well of course, they’ll only be used for scrapping. Objects salvaged will instantly turn into scraps

that makes sense too, the only possible problem is you need to make sure that players know they are picking up scrap and not the other item; ie the paperclip so they won’t be confused as to why they don’t actually get a paper clip.

If they enable “automatically scrap useless items” I’m pretty sure they know why all they get is scrap.

This is a good idea. I like this concept a lot.

Electronic scrap = Circuit borad

Autism aside, I like the idea and it sure does add a good chunk of variety to the game rather than getting 1 scrap metal from a baseball bat

Hey, it’s autism awareness month. Your not supposed to make dumb jokes 'bout dat. Anyway, good idea. If throwing is implemented then you could also throw a clipboard at someone face.

I don’t think these items should instantly be scrapped, because most of them would be somewhat better weapons than bare fists. It would be obnoxious If you thought you picked up a knife, but it turns out to just be scrap metal disguised as a knife.

Well if you want forks/spoons/butter knives as weapons sure

Just in case of confusion, only world objects/props will instantly turn into scrap item. Junk items need to be manually salvaged into scrap

I think junk items could also be thrown like I said before. I really want to throw a cliboard in someone’s face.

I think this idea is good for realistic survival. I always felt awkward about not having more junk items in 3.x.

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Yes! I love pointless items in survival games! They make the world seem more alive.

Towels, plates, silverware, pillows, cups, there’s so much potential!


Hold down while picking up, Insta scrap? (Items?)

Anyway, should some of these things be throwable? (Blender, exa) to use as zombie lores? Or slight damage projectiles?

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