Just a few map ideas

Just putting up a few map ideas I’ve had during my time playing unturned. I might make a few of these someday once I learn a little more about how to use the editor, but fell free to take some inspiration or just copy it word for word, I’d love to see some of these happen, even if I’m not the one making it.

  1. A heavily survival focused map that has proper progression barriers, the only place to get military grade loot is the deadzone, everywhere else mainly spawns civvie grade weapons, bolt action rifles, maybe a semi-auto if your lucky. To add to the progression barrier, the only place to get gas masks and filters is in a scorpian-7 base inside an underwater cave system, which would require diving gear to get to, taking a normally useless gearset and giving it a purpose, as well as restricting how much you can get out of one haul. The deadzone would be in a snowy region of the map, making the cold a concern as well.

  2. A map covered entirely in a deadzone, with various bunker complexes scattered across as well as smaller bunkers by themselves and sewer and subway systems, sort of like metro, the idea is players would fight in close quarters over living space, hopefully giving shotguns and smgs more of a use. Some bunkers would be small, only big enough for one base, and others would be large interconnected tunnel systems, with lots of vents and alternate routes for flanking, as well as large cave systems large enough to build freestanding bases. While basic scrap would be available underground, players would have to venture out into the world to collect more advanced crafting materials, guns and food. Some bunkers would be closer to good loot than others giving them potentially higher value, but anyone living there would be more of a target, other bunkers would be hidden and out of the way, but would be smaller and not as close to loot spawns. There would also be an npc bunker where new players would start out, doing basic quests underground to get a gas mask and starting gear, as well as providing limited living space.

  3. An arena map set in a large city, called “metropolis” or something like that. This would probably be a total lagfest, but I want to mention it anyway. There would be a lot of verticality to it, with players being able to move around high up on the rooftops and elevated roads, at street level, and underground in the sewers and subways. The streets would be full of wrecked cars and rubble to give plenty of cover, and lots of umbrellas would spawn to allow for ambushes from above. The map would also be night permanently and maybe it would be raining too, with sirens being heard in the distance.

Well, that’s it, I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and feedback down below.


This idea of the first map is incredible!
I’m probably going to start playing with maps a bit (again) when Unturned 2 comes out (if it has an editor, which I’m pretty sure it will).

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Thanks, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now, a lot of the “survival-focused” maps I’ve played just give you barely any food and water and you can still get full military in just a little over an hour. I think U2 will have an editor, and even if it doesn’t I’m sure the community will jerry-rig something up.


Looks cool, what maps is that?

It’s Greece. It was made by the same group that made Hawaii and Russia. It’s really close to the first idea you put, but it’s not super well made and isn’t very survival-focused.

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I used to make maps in Unturned, I started doing one paying a lot of attention to details, each house had a completely different interior and that told little stories (which probably only I would understand :sweat_smile: ), but then there was a very strange bug in my Unturned (I also wanted to run Unturned on a Celeron of 1.1Ghz and 2GB of RAM) so it was not Unturned’s fault.
With some years I bought a better pc, but I lost that charm that I had to make maps, personally I hope that in Unturned 2 this pleasure in making maps comes back, and I do something.

I hope making maps in Unturned II will be as easy though

Making maps on Unturned is already easy after you get into the habit, as you go exploring and breaking your head (I hope this expression makes sense in English) at the beginning, it gets easier and easier until the time comes when you’re doing more for fun than anything else.
Salons of my old world, I’m almost going to work on it again hahaha :rofl:

The first one is (as Froggo mentioned) pretty much Greece

I vaguely recall playing something similar to the second map a while ago, it’s on the workshop here.
I don’t know if it’s still compatible with the current version of Unturned, it’s pretty old.

The third one has been done, sort of. Check out some of Danaby2’s maps


i endorse this statement


I never actually played greece, I got unturned back when france was the big curated map. I might have to check it out. The metro map is sort of what I was thinking, but not exactly, I was thinking of the second map as having multiple large underground areas, and some smaller ones, not all interconnected so players have to traverse the deadzone, also going above ground would be a much bigger part of gameplay. The second map was pretty heavily inspired by bunker arena. Could you elaborate on which of danaby2’s maps the third one was similer too? I see a few that are pretty similar in concept but not exactly what I was thinking. My idea was more along the lines of a big city with skyscrapers like seattle or berlin. I’d also want some big buildings to make indoor combat more of a thing, I know the massive mall from california would probably make an appearance.


Athens arena is kinda similar. A very vertical arena map would be cool, it wouldn’t be laggy necessarily if a lot of the map was made into one object rather than a whole bunch.


Hol up, you can make multiple objects into one object? I’ve heard of compound models but I thought they were just multiple objects that looked like one object, I didn’t know there was a way to make the game treat multiple objects as one.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I think you’ve misinterpreted “one object” to be metaphorical(?), when it is just referring to one (big) object.


You can’t make “multiple objects into one object”. I just mean the buildings and stuff could all be made as the same object in Unity, like how Bunker Arena and Athens Arena did.

I like the second idea the most, i would really like a map where you are put into a really bad spot from the very beginning, where the environment is your main worry and not zombies or ammo or weapons, these should be is substantial quantities.
Can anyone tell me of a map like this that? other than the Metro map?

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Ohhh, I get it, just make big assets in unity, looks like multiple buildings, but it’s all the same object.