Just a random map suggestion for unturned 2

The Netherlands

It would be a lot like Germany, only less mountains, more green grass and a lot of rivers and lakes. Because it would have lots of water, It would be great to introduce players to water vehicles. Of course this map wouldn’t bring a lot of new weapons to the game although I’m not saying its not possible. And of course Amsterdam has a lot of canals so transport over water would work great on this map.

The more I think about it the worse it gets but oh well


Suggesting specific maps to be made isn’t really a good use of Nelson’s time, he will design the maps that he wants to.


Also that’s something curated map creators (like me and my team, france’s team, etc) could possibly do, but like

We have projects to finish, and projects already planned for when we’re done with one.

Moar greens, not only grass

More like…


ghost valley

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Please avoid country map in Unturned II , just make maps such as pineridge .

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Pineridge is a real location in Canada.

he said “country map” meaning map of entire country, like with russia

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Can somebody unironically create a nether map please?

IMO the only entire countries that should be a single map would be places like Andorra, Montenegro, or maybe Luxembourg, but none bigger than that.

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If someone would create the objects required I would do it.

Yeah totally

It’s not like those are pretty much countries no one cares/knows about due to irrelevancy

holy shit a 3.0 montenegro map (maybe curated) would be awesome

might still be too big …
However Monaco, Vatican or city states maps are possibles .
However , it may be possible , thoses are not too large and it’s good enough .
We could also have maps exclusively made of large cities .

I also hope maps will have real life apparence.

so basically, not at all like Germany.


Montenegro is Serbia.

Montenegro has been independent for over a decade. And even then you wouldn’t call Montenegro “Serbia.”

I am aware of that I just put in a lot of ideas I had of course he can do with it whatever he wants