Just another Unturned vehicle mod

So I’ve made a new Unturned mod, and as the Steam workshop page is not that active, I wanted to post it here to see if I can get a few more suggestions or just more people can see it :slight_smile:


I made 5 “suv” (4 currently added) and imported them to Unturned, they are pretty detailed so I know a lot of people won’t like it, and to be honest, I don’t really like how the fit in the game either, but it’s a good way to practice more on modding for when Unturned II comes out with new style and more detailed cars.



Decent models but yeah, definitely not Unturned but its not as bad as some of the high poly cars I’ve seen. I’d be interested to see a few more cars in this style though. Maybe you could do a few pickup trucks or a sedan.


It’s very pleasing to the eye, I really liked those.

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I haven’t done anything like a pickup truck, but I’m working on some sports cars, maybe you’ll like any of them.


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I actually really like them as Unturned II vehicles. I feel like the current car needs a remodel and a direction like this would be interesting.


Mmm i like the top SUV. Looks kind of like a UAZ-469