Just some Unturned girls

  • From left to right we have Priscilla, Ayanna, Rusette, & Jessica.

After I fix the female character rigs, expect something more at a very later date like recreated anime moments, memes, or anything girl-related mostly. Don’t get me started with NSFW, it’s for my VIP-only circle of people


cute uwaaa

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These are actually pretty good considering 99% of all unturned characters look male.


make them bustier
Also change that file name

Don’t get me started with NSFW. t., @Dah_Gun_Geek

Well, time to commit toaster bath

Oh my bad, sorry.
EDIT: for some reason the forums are bugged & the name cannot be changed.

This might not be too far off from Unturned II’s eventual female models.

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The image alone gave me incurable scurvy


Have some onions.

Wait? Please dont tell me you’re serious about the nsfw.

you dumb fucking soyboy /s of course he means NSFW and we are all going to demand it

You dont gotta go that quick from 0 to a 100 real quick.

I’m in his VIP circle; I can give you the NSFW, but you have to name the male version of every one of these characters.


It’s a trick question: there is no male variant.

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the thing is I asked from where the characters where inspired from and responded with : As far as ik, Priscilla & Rusette are requested but I never asked, Jessica is a rule 63 of Great Hero J mostly, & Ayanna is my original character (OC)

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You just got BUSTED.

I said all 4.

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Are you sure you’ve got them?



(Impossible) Priscilla & Rusette requested, Jessica rule 63 of Great Hero J mostly & Ayanna original character (OC)