Keep Getting Blue Screen when launch On Battleye Mode but i Game crash without Battleye


Ive tryed Many Times but all i get is the Blue Screen (Not Death) But When i Launch the game w/ out BattlEye Its Crashes On Impact. Does anyone Or the Devs know why this is happening


What is the error you’re getting?


Computer specs?

Have you tried without mods installed?

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I was watching a Video And they said to Remove the Maps there is a Glitch on Some Downloads So i will try that but I Went to the Minidump and the file read Memory Corruption. Thanks!!!


Well also There weren’t any Workshop items but no Modifications


Having the same issue ! Please help!! I revived this topic because I want to play again Unturned!
I want to play now because it’s my BirthDay and I really like this game a loooot!


What are your specs? Does it crash in other games?