Keep in mind that Nelson has viewed roughly 1/3 of the total threads (~6k) and read 1/4 of the total posts (~80k)

Some random trivial stats. Just don’t think your ideas won’t be noticed simply because he doesn’t post much or given likes :+1:


Well the hitbox of makeshift vehicles is still way too high… soOO Nelson is a sadist confirmed. lawl

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Lurking eternally, just like I used to lol

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Nelson’s chance of seeing your post: ~33%

Nelson’s chance of finessing a like from you by saying a word: 100%


that is so stupidly true

You sir, win the internet! Take my heart.

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So i got 33 % of having my post saw by nelson …
What if i duplicate it :wink:
Plot Twist

66 % chance of it being saw
100 % chance of me being told i should not duplicate a topic because it’s useless and serve no interest than minr .

nelson saw the eating corpses thread :sunglasses:

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That’s not how probability works. lol

I know [ 10 char gap ]

Beat me to it.
.33 repeating sqaured comes out to (roughly) 0.1111111111111110889.
Who would have guessed, you just decreades your chances to one third of what they were initally. Crazy right?

Well actually that only holds true when he needs to see both. If he just needed to see one it would be one third times two thirds, so 0.22 repeating.

Math ladies and gentelman.

I really dont understand what have you done there but look I can do it to Untitled

Math ladies and gentleman.


I was nbot the best at math, but as a wannabe electrical engineer this makes me cry. Pls stop.

yeah but S = 2 X= 1 and i = 3 so that thing is more than correct.

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I to assign random values to variables. It is part of the reason why I almost failed math.