Keep your body facing up

Good to simply add this option, It would be a good use in pvp and combat in general.

Sorry for this drawn.

I don’t see the practical reason for this, since you can still aim up with a lower profile than laying down.

have a limitation, at some point you need to rotate your body which takes time.

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I don’t understand what you mean

U havent played rainbow six siegue?
When u prone, and u aim behind you or up, u body rotates and u are like in the drawing that animoanbu posted

What he’s describing is very different, he wants to be able to lay on his back to shoot upwards, as opposed to looking up in other stances.
I can’t even tell, because his english is not great so i don’t understand exactly what he means.
I’m pretty sure that the Siege-like prone is already in the Trello.


That’s what I meant.

If thats what u meant then perfect uwu because i really want that in-game.

Yeah i think is somewhere on the list. So nice.

Apart from this, I think that by rotating backwards while lying down, if the body is rotated upwards, it could avoid rotating the body axis.
This would prevent your legs from going over the walls and revealing your position.

That can be done by culling the part of the mesh that clips into another one, but that’s on a technical level. Having this type of prone is better though.


yeah we need this. jesus might attack at any time


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