Keys to the combat demonstration


I had already asked this question to one of the moderators but he did not have the answer at the time and the question did not have more relevance but the question is when the demo of the unturned II is updated for combat demonstration,more keys will be distributed or only those who received the key to the demo of the vehicle will have access?

(And I’m not doing this topic just because I want a key but I really have that doubt for some time).


It would make sense for the combat demo to just be an update to the vehicle demo, as then it saves Nelson the hassle of sending everyone a new key, but we’ll see, I guess.


It most likely will be an update to the existing key, as Nelson has stated that in the future, as UII enters a more completed closed beta, the keys would be updated to the beta as opposed to having an entirely new key.

That being said, when a major update to the test like that occurs, I’d expect to see additional waves of keys being granted.


Can any regular get a key. Do I have to start making mods or doing YouTube.
I know why they are only for certain people but I really want to try it.


My KOS senses are tingling. Mmmmyes.


I dunno. I think most of the people for wave one were on the forums pretty much at the beginning. I dont know about wave 2, but you are fairly new and kind of well known. :man_shrugging::shrimp:


Hopefully soon :blush::blush::grinning:


Ok, thanks

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