Keyword Based Crafting Similar To NEOScavenger

In Neo Scavenger The Crafting is based on keywords for example a multi tool has the key words for blade, Phillips screwdriver, and pliers and when carving up a body you could use a glass shard or a carving knife. im hoping for a similar system for compatibility and simplicity in crafting for UII. for example some mod adds a few knives and the knives have the blade keyword so they work in vanilla and other mod recipes for food or ripping sheets


I do agree that it would be nice to see material properties accounted for like in NEO Scavenger - perhaps this could play into modular modifications in weapons and tools, along with various other items. I’d imagine Nelson would have to make great use of the item variation system, and it might require tweaks to work as intended in a balanced manner.

For example, crafting an improvised shiv, you could create either a variant with a glass shard, rock flake, or a crudely sharpened piece of scrap metal depending on what you have - but different materials would potentially modify the properties and stats of the final product.

The only issue I see with this system is that it would likely be very difficult for Nelson and modders to manage balancing all the different variants and modifiers appropriately, as having so many interconnected components and possible recipes would be quite complex from a technical standpoint (even if fairly simple from a gameplay standpoint).


Well I Was looking at it from a convenience stand point we wouldn’t need 3 recipes just with different knives in making the same item with a keyword system but i love your modularity idea as well


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