Knife Fighting


A post based on the implementation of knife fighting in Unturned II. In this post I will be covering generalized styles of knife fighting with certain types of knives. Enjoy.

Grip Styles

Most styles of knife fighting predominately use use of the two major grip styles, these being of course forward and reverse grips.

1) Forward Grip

The most common type of grip associated with knife fighting, the forward grip has the player hold the knife in a position…well, forwards, with the point facing away from their body.

One of several types of forward grips, known as the modified saber grip. Note that for simplicity such minor variations have been omitted.


  • Longer reach, especially with stabbing attacks.
  • Faster attacks, especially with slashing attacks.


  • Less power compared to the reverse grip.

2) Reverse Grip

Also known as the icepick grip, the reverse grip has the player hold the knife with the point facing towards themselves.

Also known as the “I’m tacticool as fuck grip.”


  • More power and damage, particularly with stabbing attacks and takedowns.


  • Slightly slower attacks compared to the forward grip.
  • Slightly shorter reach compared to the forward grip.

3) Changing Grips

Pressing [V], or the equivalent keybind for changing firemodes will in most cases change the grip style of the knife from forward to reverse, or vice versa. However, in the split second while the player is changing grips, an attack from a blunt weapon such as a baseball bat or axe handle has a chance to knock the knife out of the player’s grip. Certain knives such as balisongs can change grips much faster than, say, a knuckleduster trench knife for example.

Knive Attacks

1) Slashing

Slashing focuses on speed as opposed to power, and is better for wearing down slower enemies as well as just button mashing multiple enemies. Favors the forward grip.

2) Hacking

A heavier, more powerful attack than slashing, hacking or chopping is usually limited to heavier knives such as kukris and cleavers. These are often powerful enough to dismember an undead opponent or even downright decapitate one.

3) Stabbing

Stabbing is much more precise and does much more damage than the two other main types of attacks, and also causes more severe bleeding. Against Turned enemies, a stab to a vital area can oftentimes eliminate it in one attack. However, it is also slower and harder to recover from.

4) Punching

A special type of attack, limited to certain knives such as push daggers and knives with ringed grips such as a reverse-grip karambit or knuckleduster-grip trench knife. In the case of the former, such an attack is the same as a stab. As for the latter, the attack is blisteringly fast, faster than even a slash, and is often useful for staggering or stunning enemies.


Note that this is an experimental suggestion.

Of possible consideration is a guard or blocking system for melee combat. When on guard or blocking, the player takes much less damage from fast attacks such as slashes. Heavy attacks such as hacking and blunt attacks are guardbreaker attacks, which have a chance to break an opponent’s guard for a split second and give the player an opening. Turned could also use this system, to allow for more variation in melee combat against Turned.


Note that this is an experimental suggestion.

Only applies against Turned. When conducting a stealth attack, or after breaking guard (see above), the player conducts a takedown attack. With knives, a stab through the head or other vital area and with hacking weapons instant decapitation. This would be an extremely short animation, lasting as much as a regular melee attack.

Well, I suppose that’s all for today, really. Obligatory poll below. 2019-04-30T04:00:00Z


I think it would be a good implementation, but machetes and swords like the katana would have something similar?

Of course. I’ll be getting to those at a later date.

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Why knife fighting but no sword fighting?

I really like the idea of takedowns and grip styles also I hope to see more of a better combat system instead of just spamming buttons like blocking hits so we can have some cool melee fights but I think its already confirmed

Crap, forgot I made poll single choice. Remade poll.

For some reason this keeps popping up.

So here’s the new poll.

  • I’d like to see different grip styles
  • I’d like to see different types of attacks.
  • I’d like to see blocking and guardbreakers.
  • I’d like to see takedowns.
  • Other (comment).

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Blocking should be a thing, but it should be for all weapons, just a block and different grips would be cool, I would like to see more, but I think it’s a bit much to ask. Pushing like in project zombiod pushes zombies away but dose little damage.


If volume sweeps along hitpaths, rather than hitscans, are used on melee weapons, (which had been such a popular, repeated, and non-divisive suggestion back when the wishlist was relevant, that it was put on said list, though there hasn’t been much said for or against it since) then I’d expect blocking to be more of a way to put your weapon in between you and your opponents weapon than a way to reduce incoming melee damage.
I’m a bit confused as to what the list of different “knive attacks” is for. Chopping just seems like what should happen when you hold down the button for slash attacks and yeah I agree that a deep enough cut – which could be facilitated by the attacker’s level in relevant skill(s), the amount the attack is charged up, the attacker’s weapon, and the type (or lack) of clothing the defender has on that body part)-- should be able to dismember zombies/down players and even decapitate zombies/kill players. Punching seems to be divided into attacks that are just a different animation for stabbing and ones that require you to be so close to the opponent that it should just be part of a takedown animation. In general I’d say that the icepick grip should only be used in takedown animations, but there are some knives that might normally be used this way. For adjusting grips I’d suggest using the same controls as for zeroing sights rather than the controls for cycling through firemodes, because (a) you’re adjusting what range your weapon is effective at, and (b) it would be best to keep the controls similar to those of other melee weapons, and other weapons are more suited to being able to slide your grip both up and down than to only move your grip in one direction and until you reach the very end.


I have to say that I really like everything in this post :+1:


I wouldn’t want EVERY option to be available on EVERY blade melee, because of unnecessary complexity. However, if each blade had its own style of wielding & attacking it would certainly make them more interesting!


Blocking should also be possible to do with your arms/legs, and the amount of armor, and the type of clothing you have on you, should affect how much damage you take and if you have stab/slash proof armor like for example leather armor for your right arm(that would be slash proof):
like Think about it, it would be pretty slash proof, on the parts where there is armor, so if you would be hit on that part with a slash attack when you are blocking or not you wouldnt take slash damage :smiley:

good enough explanation :D?

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This seems like a pretty plausible and perfectly fine idea, and would definitely add some spunk to melee combat entirely. However @MR, do remember that taking into consideration of how armor is placed in different spots on your body, the hitscan would have to be drastically altered in order to properly place damage zones. On top of this, some mods which include full-body armor would practically make melee combat useless in the situation where you’re facing a fully armored player. Mods, on the other hand would have to be changed as well to have possibly a defense or less damage value in certain areas of the body.


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