KOS isn't a problem, players are

It’s like that age old bumper sticker says “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

What that means is that no matter how many rules and regulations you will have in the game, people will still KOS, and that’s a problem.

To remedy this, I propose no rules or regulations, but instead an entity that will regulate KOS.

After every kill you get, something will watch you, getting ever closer with each successive kill that you make; but what could that be, you ask. Well, for my readers under the age of 12 you may find this disturbing.


(Creds to GHJ)

Makes sense right? Younger kids will never KOS for fear of the bendy man. Experience players will also be in constant fear as he will instantly teleport to you once you swear on his unturned server.

However, if there is perhaps an arena server or a strictly PvP server, the admin cannot simply disable him. The admin will have to walk through the woods and collect papers similar to these.

1/8 papers collected

(Creds to iDRM)

Once he is done collecting all of the pages, the bendy man will be banished from the server, but he might be able to find his way back.

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And here we go… Pork did it again.

Gets his popcorn and sits, waiting to release all the LOLs, LMAOs, and ROFLMAOs upon the cringed comments of everybody else

Right im gonna break it down like what the numberer1 does

Christ whats the entity scientist pork

good god! that not even close to terrifying! i have something better…

much better.

thank you.

make it eels

Unfortunately, we cannot use a licensed character in this videogame; but we could potentially use this:

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So we cant use this?

ahhh… d’well shit… as long as its loud, obnoxious, and does’nt wear gloves

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(Denizen attempts to prevent himself from getting his ass eaten by the entity, circa 2019)



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