Kuwait's 2nd Anniversary

While I’m done with the map, I just wanted to show off some stuff that I thought could be interesting to some people; screenshots, a GPS time-lapse, and maybe some cut content.

Kuwait released two years ago on May 14th 2021

Let’s start with the GPS time-lapse:


Neat little time-lapse of the GPS of the map since 2017, there’s probably more scattered around the rest of the crappy Dell Inspiron laptops I started on, it’s just that I can’t be bothered to boot them up.
Started the map sometime in October 2016, released it on the workshop sometime in 2018 before deciding to rework it to not be garbage. The time-lapse shows me ungarbage-ifying it.

Next is a couple of charts from some cancelled side-maps I wanted to release alongside the base map. Clearly they died off for good reason.

Pictured: Oasis Arena (Tiny Sized ‘Battle Royale’ map)

Pictured: Kuwait City Arena (Tiny Sized ‘Arena’ map)

Finally, is a map I set up to test out different layouts for replacing Kuwait City with Miral for 1.7.
That layout didn’t stick around for good reason, either.

Next is some screenshots that are either subjectively funny, subjectively interesting, or neither. You be the judge:

Pictured: Kuwait Towers model circa 2017. Quality work.

Pictured: Kuwait map circa 2017. Quality work.

Pictured: Kuwait sharq docks circa 2017. Quality work.

Pictured: Kuwait towers bistro circa 2017. Quality work.

Pictured: Testing out flare explosions. Kitty had it coming.

Pictured: I messed with the scale of the register object. Kuwait City was consumed as a result of my recklessness.

Pictured: Kuwait City circa 2017. Everything was either too thick or too thin.

Pictured: Start of Arizona development for Escaping Outlands. Materials are not my forte.

Pictured: First iteration of the Divine Duneman bundle. I dodged a bullet with this one.

Pictured: Evidently, I broke the map somehow.

Pictured: Seaweed forest with miniature suns of unknown origin.

Pictured: First iteration of a sandstorm. It was just a giant effect node.

Pictured: First iteration of the caracal. This bastard always irreversibly broke the map and caused me hours of suffering.

Pictured: Was testing out lightning storms, or was I? The ringing still hasn’t subsided.

Pictured: First iteration of Hawally. It was not a good layout.

Pictured: I don’t remember going for a cyberpunk look for the survivor cave.

Pictured: Gangster.

Pictured: First iteration of The Eye. I was going for a cut jewel/gem look. It was not a winner.

Pictured: I was testing out the Boubyan Island city layout through compounded objects. Sinful.

Pictured: Cut content, a Shadowstalker MK 0.5. It was going to be fully animated before animated guns were a thing.

Pictured: A story in two parts.

Pictured: Cut content, I had made and put in SpeedTrees, but ultimately decided not to use them. Now, they’re a stain on the game and we should vouch for their removal.

Pictured: First iteration of the Escaping Outlands collosseum.

Pictured: Surrounded by cretins.

Pictured: First version of Kuwait. I shipped this in 2018 as a finished product. Evidently, it was not.

Pictured: First playtest. I had found a wealthy prince on Icarus.

Pictured: First iteration of a generic ‘urban city’ set that would turn into the Letterman bundle.

Pictured: The Runman cosmetic was originally going to be pink with included foam headphones.

Pictured: This isn’t a Kuwait screenshot I just found it funny.

Pictured: Cut ‘omniscient’ mythical.

Pictured: Testing layout of Miral to replace Kuwait City.

Pictured: Cut 90s cosmetic bundle set. It didn’t get far and for good reason.

I’ve god a lot more screenshots I could’ve put in that shows the very start of my work on the map, but decided that this post was long enough.

That’s about it. Thanks for reading/looking, and thanks for playing. And if you didn’t, you’ve just upset me.


I like the descriptions of every pictures. You did defo did the dodge a bullet with those bundles and how the hell did the caracal cause hours of suffering and break map???

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Short pin for Kuwait’s anniversary.

I’m guessing you haven’t tried adding a modded animal to the game lol

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I never tried, but I know one of my old friends tried to and all I saw was a snake ever so slightly levitating when it wasn’t supposed to, is it more broken than I think it is???

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They are just awful to setup, it relies on so many weird things to just work, the bone order/bone names are one huge one. Absolutely the most bizarre thing to setup, though I’ve gotten incredibly good with it and can import animals first try! (sometimes)

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“Oh my God! They killed Kenny!”


You bastards!

Don’t think I’ve forgotten. :eyes:

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Was a very good map and I greatly enjoyed playing on it. I really enjoyed the gun models too (especially the compound bow model and the snipers)

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