L4D2 is getting a new update after 10 years of silence

For anyone who’s been living under a rock and hasn’t heard about the news. A new update is being pushed out for L4D2 this Thursday. Which include things like new voicelines, new animations, a brand new campaign and more. If people are interested in the other additions they should check out the video from Valve News Network and the comment section of the Last Stand trailer from JAiZ.

A quick note when the update releases the game will be free for anyone to play for a week.

You may correct me for any mistakes, I made in the text.


10 years?

bloody fuck valve cmon man

heavy update when?


When valve stops milking dota and csgo


Another thing I may wanna add is that this mega update was being developed for a year by 30+ community members and is being backed up by a few people at Valve.

Happy cake on plate day habibi

Valve didn’t even make it, they’re just giving it some official support.

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shukran my friend!

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yeah but they’re the devs

as a dev you should regularly update your game

until you drop support, of course

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Nice, now I can play more L4D2.

Most games are not live-service products. L4D2 still received patches for years various bugs/exploits, which is about as much as should be expected, and is actually quite crazy considering it released in 2009 (with the last major update in 2012).


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