Lack of Female Cosmetics and Representation

I wish they added more cheap hair options for female audiences and players that wasn’t paywalled like the chopstick ponytail, even unisex options. Right now, there’s only like a few to a handful that can be construed for representing people like me. Out of the cosmetics that do exist, a lot of them don’t seem able to appropriately sync up with female hairstyles, leading to annoying clipping issues, like the ponytail + Vampire’s Cowl combo

I’m not asking for tits or slim bodies, or for the only representation to be hyperfeminized Belle Delphine’s, furries, or other odd things that in reality don’t really align with what most women like, but just for more cool sets of things.

If you have not, have you tried email’ing Sanrio about a partnership to introduce Sanrio oriented cosmetics? Sanrio is a massive Japanese media company behind Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, My Melody, Pompompurin, Gudetama, and many other popular children’s characters, although there is also a really large audience of mostly women who also love the characters, you can find a lot of us on Twitter or Tumblr or Bluesky.

We could have Cinnamoroll or Hello Kitty shirts or the beautiful hello kitty backpack become a thing <3

Crossover type stuff is a lot more complicated than just send an email


i know but it would be so nice to have pink clothing items and it would help us play with more combinations for clothing and hello kitty is so nice

I think more cosmetic options, for both female and male characters (and all other kinds) would be neat, In fact I had designed a few concepts. Perhaps as suggested before we could have a contest for future hairstyles, beardstyles and so on ?

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That would be so nice. :slight_smile:

Right now, it feels as though Nelson is treating Unturned as a cash cow for a select few such as Renaxon and Danaby to make a side hustle out of. The lack of openness by Nelson to facilitate entries, rewards and the introduction of new people who are not part of an extremely small fortress circle, is hurting the game as well as representation.

Give us more. Give us better.

I don’t know what you’re on about plenty of their cosmetics haven’t been accepted. The attitude of “only a select few can do stuff (curated maps, curated cosmetics, etc) so what’s the point in trying” shown by people seems like why it is like this in the first place.

I don’t disagree that it lacks transparency though.

Actually, I take that back there is some BS people have done with it like the bionic spine cosmetic that was submitted as a curated cosmetic, then forced in with the escalation crate. :hallucinating_zombie_:

Also all the military larper gear that got stuck in despite Nelson saying cosmetics shouldn’t look too close to lategame military gear items so people don’t get confused, iirc

To clarify – we have accepted a number of curated maps by different people, including those who haven’t previously had a map accepted into the game.

We receive emails about a number of projects that people want to share with us. We’re not always able to make commitments towards a prospective project: sometimes it’s too early in development or only a written idea; the art style they want to go for is hyper-realistic and changing this is a deal-breaker for them; only vanilla or Workshop assets; requires major changes to the game that we can’t fulfill or may not be able to in time for their map, etc.

However, we do try our best to respond to each of them. In some cases, we may feature them in some other way instead (e.g., other forms of promo and/or bundles).

A lot of these projects take their developers months or years, and player expectations for curated maps have definitely changed a lot over the years as well. Much of our curated map/skin documentation is tied into our general modding documentation, and will continue to improve as the rest of our documentation improves too.


+1 on this. I have been working on a project for 5 years and there are other historic projects that have been in dev for that long if not longer. Kuwait took 4 years, Rio and France both nearly took 3. I’m pretty sure UK is coming on 7 years.


I am pretty sure they were talking more about cosmetics than curated maps

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edit: i have personally always made an effort to ensure representation in the cosmetics i make as this is something that is important to me as a member of the LGBTQ+ community - e.g. the operator cap from the elver box is a perfect example of this, or the “Pink Skater Top” from elver free drops (you previously mentioned wanting to have pink clothing items)

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