Ladders in helicopters

I think helicopters could contain a ladder where other players could climb, that would enable rescue missions.

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i think this was suggested before. and also this would require 0 lag servers


I agree with EAF here. It would require your party members to have decent or even better running computer to achieve decent or better FPS, And also the server of choosing have decent ping. Although this sounds like a cool idea, i feel as if this would be used for action scenes or make it cool to jump onto a helicopter. It would burn away fuel considering you have to maintain decent height and ensure that the player doesn’t miss the target.

Why would it require perfect ping? If you can walk on top of cars while they are moving in UII you can probably do this too right? I dont really know much about netcode though.


What does fps have to do with it? If I spoil optimization and performance somehow I prefer the idea to be discarded.

We need FPS so we don’t lag and rubber band all over the place.

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Well if the game will have an improved performance than unturned 3.0 since the computer meets the minimum requirements should have no problem.

A helicopter ladder wont fry your graphics card, and it wont require a perfect ping to achieve.

If the ladder has physics it would.

Ehh if it was just slight swinging animation after it was lowered, I don’t think so. As long as it gets pulled up once you start flying away.

Tbh I am kinda concerned how well walking on vehicles will work on eg: a complete map where there are five guys standing on a boat with 200 ping

Its not that hard…

this is would 1. Hard to implement 2. be inconsistent (look at Arma 3s fast rope mechanics) 3. not really useful (once again look at Arma 3s fast ropes). 4. rarely used (Arma 3 again)

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