Language Glitch

Something is fucking up the language in games! Nelson Fucking fix unturned 20191207124109_1|690x388

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Oh, I’ve had this bug before. You’ll need to verify game files and install any corrupted ones

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no need to be so toxic about it jeez


Can you provide any more information other than “Please fix your fucking game”?
What language are you using, and is there anything other than Compass and Health being affected?


Watch your language young man!

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he can’t read his language dog

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have you even tried to find a solution before you just came in here btw how dare you to talk like that man

Yes, I spent around 7 hours trying to fix it

And I have verifies the game files, I have uninstalled all my mods, I am using english

Nelson fucking Sexton fucking fix your game you fucking nelson game dev fucking

I m pretty sure its only Nelson Sexton .-.

Try reintsalling.

Here’s my go-to list for when an issue like this occurs - I’ve had this particular bug multiple times before and was able to resolve it in under half an hour. Each of these options is ordered in severity, check after doing each one if the problem still persists. This is a list that I’ve copy-pasted from my other replies, so if you’ve already done a particular option you can ignore it.

  • Verifying game cache.

  • Unsubscribing from all Workshop content.

  • This particular method tends to resolve virtually all of my issues if I’ve ever made it to this point, making it the most important one to do properly. Performing an uninstall and clean reinstall complete with the manual removal of residual files prior to reinstallation. A simpler alternative to this is to manually delete everything inside the Unturned game files folder (but not the folder itself) and then verifying game cache, which will perform a virtually identical hard reinstall process.

  • Updating all drivers. In some cases, bugs are caused by discrepancies in clientside drivers, especially graphics drivers.

  • Making sure you have the latest OS version (I honestly doubt you’ll need to do this but who knows).

  • Checking for potentially corrupted files in your computer itself. There’s plenty of resources and guides online about how to do this no matter what OS you use.

Also, please refrain from being toxic. It really doesn’t help you or anyone else, and this bug is probably a technical issue specifically pertaining to something you can fix. Just because the game is made by Nelson doesn’t mean he is automatically at fault.


Well, he just got straight to the point.

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