Language in Unturned

How about a setting where you can choose your language?

That’s why we have an community. Giving a special prize to the guys who spend they’re time to translate the game is a option.

There already are translations on the Workshop.


Year but what if someone dont know about that?

This is a 4 suggestion. In all cases if they were easier to create and could be approved somehow and added to menu in 4.0 that would be great.


Trello Card

Workshop Translations are confirmed.

(For some reason the trello link is just showing up as unicode symbols but like just check the trello)

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Use<a href=link>text</a>
For example <a href=>Trello Card</a> will appear as Trello Card

PS @MoltonMontro is there a way we can get the forum to go back to having previews of linked Trello cards, instead of random characters?


not sure how community would catch up to each update tbh, idk there would be some delay between updates and translations, depending on the translator of each language?

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