Larger / Stronger Doors

I think there should be larger + stronger doors in Unturned II because sometimes I want to make a base with a very large door for a bunker like base and I cant do it unless if there are mods. It would also be cool if there were stronger doors that took more stuff to destroy them like a blast resistant door or a bullet resistant door. It would be also cool if there was such thing as a helicopter door for roofs so that you can open it and get your helicopter safe and not be out in the open. Obviously these door would be harder to create than normal doors.


Yeah they should be really hard to make, and maybe they should be part of a quest or like spawn in military bases and stuff.


Agreed. There should definitely be some high-level doors to be made in order to prevent players from instantly raiding a base, but they should be more costly in terms of resources/power required in order to operate such doors.
Though I think that the new game will differ slightly from the current one, and I think that PvP scenarios should be much less of an issue.
I honestly don’t think that there will be guys just shooting down the walls with a Dragonfang.


Several levels of door then? Maybe just mod slots.
Basically, we can go from welded scrap metal to high quality blast door in materials.
You can make them or alternatively find them and take them home.

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