Last update - we cant pick up items / interact with lockers and more

From the last update ( today ) I cant pick up any items. I changed the F key too, still nothing. And I can’t interact with the Lockers.
BTW, the new text font is looking bad…
I suggest to delete this update.


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hud machine broke

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UPDATE 1: Some people can interact, but some of them cant, They cant even go in cars.
UPDATE 2: I can’t even Change the UI Scale.
UPDATE 3: If you want to pick up items, you have to take them from Nearby section in Inventory.
You can’t open doors and see players names.

I suggest that issues (that haven’t already been reported) should be posted on the community GitHub repo.

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Okay. In case i find anything else, i will put here.

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Since it’s relevant:

The highest priority issues (e.g., some input interactions) will be fixed in .1, and then we’ll be looking at a .2 for many of the minor issues sometime shortly after.

Fairly confident that it was caused by interacting with a player, then re-joining the server. Should be fixed in the .1 patch

Yo @SDGNelson wtf is this update? Make an option to revert it please it’s buggy and not appealing. Read your steam update discussion a lot of people aren’t happy with this update and the new HUD.

UI scaling still hasn’t been perfected but otherwise I had no issues with it.


I can’t sort my inventory whenever I want to drag items within or when taking or storing in lockers. I have to drop one item to open the space , pick the wanted item and then take/store the one I had to drop.

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