Latest Update: April 5th

So, maybe Nelson did get inspiration from Molt’s snow set (which I subscribed too <3) but is this a teaser for an upcoming map? ‘cause Yukon ain’t got nothin’. Ideas?

The Arctic uniform has an American flag, so I think it might be Alaska. That and the Irish flag in the map editor show possibly the final two maps for 3.x before we move on to 4.0.

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Anchorage will be liberated

Although I’m very doubtful of Alaska being a 3.0 map due to its proximity to the Yukon, I could see Alaska being used for two reasons - as an opportunity to expand on Yukon (like the relation between Greece and Cyprus) as well as referencing the first ever map in the series dating back to Deadzone, which was known to take place in Alaska.

Or maybe we’re all vastly overthinking this, looking back on the basketball hoops that turned out to be for Germany.

tl;dr of what I’ve told others:

  1. It’s been a very popular request, and before now people have only been able to get such things through mods. Some people just prefer vanilla exclusively.
  2. Nelson has a big to-do list of community things for Unturned 3 he sifts through awhile working on 4, and a lot of those things are for curated projects. Although I’m unsure about Rio, France, and Ireland, the UK does have a large snowy area.
  3. Think of it like the Coastguard set. It’s basically Hawaii content, but the clothing itself is 100% vanilla content. This lets anyone use it without having to be a part of a specific curated team, and prevents three different versions of the same item appearing across three timed curations. It also helps give a base for other content (custom or not). For example: while the vanilla top has a USA flag, we may see a UK flag version in the future, but it’d be timed curated while the rest of the set is vanilla.
  4. The top is the only thing that’s really location-specific. The ghillies can, regardless of the military top, be used on any snowy map. This includes the UK’s large snowy area, Festive maps, and the Yukon.

Note: there are no new official maps being worked on currently.

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