Latest Update Broke Dedicated Server

I’ve been using the Unturned Dedicated Server tool through Steam and upon updating it to the new version today it has stopped working. Specifically, it throws errors anytime I or others try to join.
Without going on too much of a rant, this dedicated server tool is a very bad idea since server hosters can no longer run a server AND play Unturned at the same time, because Steam. I found a workaround for this that involves making copies of the Unterned.exe and Unturned_Data folders. I also believe this is why the update has broken my server. Does anyone know of any solutions?

Here is the server directory. You can see the copies I made: UnturnedServer_Data and UnturnedServer.exe.

Here is what outputs to the console when I try to connect. I have no idea what this is saying lol but I hope it’s the key to finding out what’s wrong.

Here is what the console outputs on startup. I know it throws a lot of errors about addons and whatnot, but it has done that since I first started running because our workshop collection has some outdated addons. The server has run fine until this update, so I don’t think any addons would be the cause.

Things I Have Tried:
I have tried re-copying the Unturned_Data and Unturned.exe files with the new ones from the update, but I get the same error. If I run the normal Unturned.exe instead of my copy, I also get the same error. I have not tried a reinstall, but that is because I do not know where player & world data is stored and I don’t want to lose any of it if possible.
I’m not sure if this is relevant, but it appears that I actually do connect to the server. In-game, I simply see the Queue Position #1 screen and I never load in, but the server console just spits out that weird error and keeps running. If I run the players command I even show up, so not sure what’s going on here.

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