Latest update server sided problems

After todays update i needed to add the new directory Bundles/Workshop/Maps manually to make the server start. After adding the folders and starting my servers they all turned into the gold mode and i cant change it in Commands.

Copy-paste of what your Commands.dat looks like?

It’s affecting a lot of servers, apparently.

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Same here. I see other servers turn gold too. any info anyone?

In my commands everything is right, i am hosting servers since few months so its set well for sure.
But could some1 pls tell me how to contact Nelson?/Unturned Support?

You need create directory Content and Steam in Bundles/Workshop.

I already did it because i was unable to run servers without that but after i started them they all changed to gold-only servers

Nvm, problem solved i needed to create dir Bundles/Workshop/Steam,Content,Maps