LDM Community Discord

Hi all,

In spite of the LDM fork becoming required in future updates of U3, and because of RocketMod’s abandonment as a whole, sharkbound and myself, the moderators of the small r/RocketMod subreddit, have decided to create a new Discord server to help people who are new to the world of U3 server hosting, plugin development and want help and information about the demise of RocketMod.

We hope to try and replicate the original RocketMod Discord server, which I found as a great resource when learning to develop plugins, and as an overall great community to be apart of, so I invite you to come and join the brand new, LDM Community Discord. We want to turn this into the most useful and up-to-date resource out there for LDM (apart from this forum of course!), so we highly encourage you to join!

Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/SEKBBWq

We hope to see some of you around soon!

– Apple
Discord: AppleManYT#8750

Moderators, I wasn’t able to find any forum rules posted, so please message me if this type of post is against rules.