Lead spitting - Firing while aiming

Don’t ask about the title, I have no idea. Also this post only talks about first person, if that means anything.

One of the more noticeable issues with 3.x’s gunplay is that bullets are fired not out of the barrel of the weapon, or even the sight, but out of the center of the player’s camera. Now this would be fine, except that the entire weapon can decenter from walking or even just firing the weapon (visual recoil). This basically means that the game LIES TO YOUR FACE about where your rounds will go (except when using a dot/holographic/kobra sight, but come on).

Knowing this, when I watched devblog 3’s gamepad video, I was surprised to see that, based on the laser being always centered, this still seemed to be the case. And I haven’t seen anything to suggest that this has been changed (though I may have missed a Github update or something). So that being said, I’d just like to say this:

Please make the gun fire from the barrel or sight instead of just the center of the screen (at least while aiming in first person). If this is already the case and I’m just an idiot, then…I’ll…delete this and cry, I guess. If third person is a concern in this regard, then maybe it could be changed to force players into first person while aiming like Ghost Recon.

tl;dr: bendy barrels are bad barrels


While I personally can’t see it in the video, I definitely noticed this in 3.0.

If not fixed, Noslen plox

It’s not quite clear if it’s an issue in the video, as his sight’s always on target. The laser makes me wary, though.

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