Leaked Unturned 4.0 cosmetics set

I found it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/CustomPlayerCutscene/comments/8qft0d/when_you_start_a_ng_and_get_to_keep_all_the/

Typical survival games amirite?

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Meme doesn’t apply to Unturned II that well imo.

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It does apply to cosmetics or character customization

Not when Nelson doesn’t plan to have cosmetics that drastically break immersion.


I think nelson should not make cosmetics but instead starter clothes.

Don’t forget, that skirt is actually a juggernaut vest.

In one of the devlog. Nelson “accidently” leaked unturned 4.0, obviously it wasn’t completed yet. I tried playing it but it doesn’t load.

But. In one of the files they’re the “prototypes” of stuffs. Bran cereals, belts, new maple trees, etc.

Anyhow. I found the prototype of the new cosmetics set aswell. Fot some reason it’s not what you’ve stated. Perhaps we got a differents source. Here is the prototype.

Anyhow. Besides that. I also find a new map file. It’s called zimbabwe.

Perhaps Zimbabwe is the next unturned 4.0 map?

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i’m so confused

lv 0 female character with a full set of armor covering entire body
lv 100 female character with armor that just barely qualifies as sfw / is questionable but gives better armor

lets do this kind of armor system / cosmetics lmao 100% confirmed guys.

I never knew Nelson is into a f r I c a

He loves Africa. He even blessed the rains down in Africa.

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