Leaning on half wall

Basically, if you get too close to a wall, you can’t lean towards it. Makes sense.
But when it comes to half walls, items that are not at head-level, it also doesn’t allow you to lean towards it when you can logically do so with ease

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What is the point of this post

Why though

i dont get it…

So you can’t lean out of a window? Yeah, that should be fixed.

While this makes sense, I’m extremely annoyed by the abuse of leaning for third person camera shenanigans.

Not exactly relevant but hey, it had to be brought up eventually.

It’s just weird that you can’t lean at an obstacle that is half your height, and very annoying as well. It’s a simple bug.

Basically, if you have an obstacle at your right that is half your height. Logically, you can lean right without any problems. But in Unturned, no matter how short that wall is, it always blocks you from leaning towards it

To get rid of a bug where you can’t right if a wall is on your right, considering that this wall is half your height