Left or right handed

I wonder the communities left hand right handed Percentage

  • Left handed
  • Right handed

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For mouse?

For general stuff, but I personally use my right hand for using a mouse because good left handed mouses are harder to get

aren’t most mice symetrical? so whatever way you use them they can still be useful?

Not really, a lot of them (such as mine) only have thumb buttons on their left side, making them useless to people who use the left hand for their mice.

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oh I see.

Issue that can easily be fixed by renaming the button into “pinky finger mouse” so that left handed individuals use their pinky finger to press it! (jokes aside I haven’t thought about mice with side buttons my bad)

i actually use my mouse on the right hand but use the left handed model because it feels more natural to my brain and i don’t wont to rebind my keyboard

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And some people use ergonomic mice, which are very rarely ambidextrous/symmetrical.


you should add an ambidextrous option for my fellow lizard people

I’m left-handed in almost everything, and I use an ambidextrous mouse. SteelSeries has some great ambidextrous mice btw.

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