Let’s make some sense and fix mechanics

When I kill another player, I should be able to identify my prey… say for example by his dog tag.

However, I don’t see why a victim should be able to know who was his killer unless facing him at the moment of death :skull:

Why is the game upside down in this matter?


Well some plugins add in logs saying who killed who but it’d be nice anyway to have that be a vanilla thing. It’s very small but would be helpful for the RP community at least.


Mechanics plural, but its a singular suggestion

when i kill someone i dont really care who they are, all i know is that i killed them

as what craven said this would only be helpful with Rp, but then again i dont hear anyone asking to identify anyone in the Rp community, only because chats have death logs

again why would you want to know who your killer is. If its for revenge you could just memorize what he looks like, or just checking chat if hes going to be annoying about your death

It should say your name of the actual character, so when someone finds my dog tag they can read whatever offensive shit I’ve named them.

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