Lets start an argument

Water is not wet

(and yes, this is a shitpost)

I don’t feel okay


Yes no duh, it’s just damp

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Thank you for your cooperation, Sirba

Water is wet though because its water molecules on H2O (yes i have taken chemistry and I know there is no difference between h2o and water molecules but im helping argument)

“water molecules on h2o”

edit: ah shit i was baited

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Pretty simple. Water is obviously not wet because goats have not cheeseburgers, you’re all just overthinking it.


Instead of starting an argument, why don’t we end an argument.

dihydrogen oxide*

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Fite me

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Lol, can’t even spell fgiht wel.

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Can we stop fighting each other? Docs getting angry… And you don’t like doc when he’s angry…
He about killed John when he left early a little while back. (webtoon comic reference)

No, you learn how to spell correctly first.

John is really Jhone

Beat that acrub

Arguments are for wusses. Deal with it boi

Them’s fightin’ words.


I don’t know why, but I read every comment in this thread up to this point as a bunch of drunk cowboys, brigands, and bandits slinging words at each other in a saloon somewhere.

Somewhat scientifically proficient cowboys, that is.


Ehh fightin word’s usually involve yer name ye bloody idiot.
(yes I know that’s a terrible response xd, but aren’t arguments stupid in the first place?)

Maybe that is what’s happening :stuck_out_tongue: