Lets talk a little about the (Anti-Cheat)

Hello! My name is John, I am kinda worried about the hackers in Unturned 4.X. So I have figured that I should make this thread and talk a little about the .dll files that could be easily hacked etc etc. You should make it so its hard to access them, if you can even put them inside the unturned.exe or move them somewhere/hide them in Unreal Engine, or get a more protected Anti-Cheat not Valve-Allows-Cheats Or Battleye Which is quiet easily BYPASSED.

I know when the game is going to be released the hackers are going to find ways to modify the game. So I will start tracking the hacks down and sending them to you. And hopefully you will look at them.

Any suggestions for a better and more reliable ANTI-CHEAT? I have been looking at some but i’m still looking for more answers from you guys.


Oh, and there is alot of ways to get trough Battleye in Unturned 3.0.

I watched some videos about it and you can move the Modules file to the desktop etc etc.

I will just show you the video: {LINK REMOVED}
Please fix this.

Keep working on Unturned 4.X. Have A Wonderful Day!

No one talked about it because we don’t know enough about anti-cheats, specifically how an anti-cheat detects malicious programs. Not many people know how they work and giving out information as to how exactly an anti-cheat system works would add more risk in detection failure.

In my opinion, there are no reliable anti-cheat programs - only fast response to bypassed cheats.
Not everything is 100% secure.

But if I had to pick one anti-cheat, I couldn’t since I have not tracked the times I’ve encountered a blatant cheater and see if they were punished, and there is a fine line between peak performing players and cheaters.

This is one of the reasons why we want 4.0 to be paid for
When hackers get banned, they would have to pay again
Repelling hackers with a paywall

Apparently is most games, a tryhard with no skins is a hacker…

That’s how Rust works, but Unturned, being free, allows more people in the community.
Even though a lot of them are visual AIDS

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Just visual? Are you sure?
It’s visual AND mental

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Anti-cheat isn’t designed to ban ‘no skin tryhards’, and anyone can use hacks.
I play CSGO with people at my university, often with the pre-made 4 I play with and 1 of them use cheats with skins and an inventory worth of $50.

But what if anti-cheat works in conjunction with players? Well…

In CSGO’s Overwatch system, usually it isn’t if they are cheating or not, but rather how bad they are at hiding cheating behaviour that gets them a VAC ban. How obvious you make yourself cheating is an important factor in getting banned or not.

But that system is flawed. VAC bans are judged by eligible users of Overwatch and mistakes can be made. There is a fine line between peak performing players and cheaters, but hitting nutty shots and insane plays in one match - you’d best make deals with the devil to not get banned.

Also, we’re here to discuss about anti-cheat. Not the unconfirmed 4.x paywall.
Come on guys.

We can all agree that no anti-cheat system works 100%
There’s bound to be people who can bypass it then share/sell the hack.
VAC only detects if there’s a program affecting the codes of the games or the game itself. Like the speed of your aimlock is much faster than the set sensitivity. (Idk how it really works, this is just an assumption. But you get my point)
And there’s ESP hacks that show where everyone is.

Anti-cheats can be bypassed and there’s no denying it. Valve resides to Overwatch in order to ban players who weren’t detected by VAC because we all know that VAC is crap. So the Overwatch comitee will be able to see if the player is blatantly cheating or not and gets banned. But in a survival game, there is no Overwatch. BattlEye is better than VAC to say the least. As we saw in the first few weeks when it was introduced to Unturned. Thousands of players got banned. But these people can easily make another account and play. So to stop them from coming back again and again, a paywall would help with stopping them from coming back to ruin the game.

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Make is so these hackers can’t bypass battleye


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The best anti cheat I know is china. Edit: they are really good.