Lets talk about cosmetics and how they will work in 4.0

Reply what you think about 4.0 haveing his own inventory and how this new cosmetic system should work.

Bad English, sorry.

Probably the same way as the current system we have. Hopefully regular skins/cosmetics like the normal camouflages we have in 3.0

I hope Nelson changes the way cosmetics work to a more Rust-style system. Of course, in Rust you craft the clothes themselves so I assume you’d find the clothing skinless, and then could right click on the clothing item, click on a change skin in the context menu and you’d get a list of the skins you have. You’d still start naked, and cosmetics would apply to items rather than to the character. For guns it’d be the same thing.
This way you wouldn’t have to equip skins either, and you could have 2 zubeknakovs with different skins.
Plugin creators would probably be able to make a plugin that assigns clothing and guns random skins when you find them on the ground.
This would also mean that if you have a tribal zubeknakov, and someone kills you, instead of getting a zubeknakov with the skin they have equipped, they’d get your tribal zubeknakov.


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I just hope there wont be any.


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