Let's talk about reloading and vests

As many of you know, “vests” are a type of clothing in the 3.0 and will be a type of clothing in 4.0, however military type vests aren’t used for what they are supposed to be used: store magazines for quick reload.
Let’s put it like that:
In your vest you have 3 storage types:
The one for actual items, wich stores items
The one for loaded mags, wich stores mags who got some bullets into them
And the one for exhausted mags, wich stores empty mags
Also you can have a new type of clothing (wich will replace and eventual slot for bags) called “mag pocket”, this will hold different type of mags
Also some advanced vests like the military class one should be modular, wich means that you can add storage into them
You cannot reload if your mag is in the “backpack” storage.
This will add some more realism into the game and make pvp more difficult (since you firstly would need a vest that can be found in gun stores, buildings and military bases)

the problem with this, is if you cant find a vest, you cant reload at all, It would be better if it just sped up your reload time instead of being the only way to


Yeah I’d agree. Maybe have an animation where the player reaches back or something. It shouldn’t make it so the reload is unbearable, just give a benefit to using a vest.

Honestly, I think that this idea is kinda faulty, as it would impact pvp a LOT. (When I say a LOT, I mean a LOT)

Imagine you getting shot from a tree, the person goes to rush you and is completely exposed! You open up from behind cover, start shooting and- oh wait, you had no more ammo in your mag! Let’s just reload, shall we? -sounds of player getting gunned down-

However this is not a completely useless idea, imagine the magazines physically showing on your vest, despite being in your backpack.

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The reload speed should be based off where the magazine is located, rather than if you can reload because of where it is located.

If the gun relies individual rounds being loaded into an internal magazine like pump-action/lever-action shotguns/rifles that feed from a tube mag, revolvers that you don’t have a speedloader for, or a rifle that uses an internal mag and you don’t have a stripper clip for would obviously have significantly longer load times, especially where you’re sourcing your rounds from (A vest pocket, a pants pocket, a shirt pocket, from a backpack, etc) thus resulting varying reload times. Even Normal Magazine reloads would have different timings and result in very off timings of reloads.

It would make players gravitate to wanting to only use on magazine guns if they have a choice between a magazine fed gun or a gun with an internal mag that didn’t have a stripper clip or a faster method of reloading. While your idea is nice, it wouldn’t make sense in a game like Unturned which is oriented to a more casual audience that wants to pick up the game and play it without worrying about minor mechanics like that. But, it’s not my choice if your idea gets its way worked into the game.

I meant you can’t reload if the magazine is in your backpacks storage, only in your hands or your shirt/pants storage

Also, since this will be developed in unreal wich as i know gives more opportunities, nelson should add a model variation depending of wich magazine you have in your storage, if you have no magazine the pocket is empty, but if you have a STANAG magazine it will be shown in the pockets

Yeah, but magazine fed guns have a slight advantage, since they can’t reload with individual bullets and you need to fill the magazine, wich i hope will take some time, and if you run out of ammo you can just run or use a secondary weapon.
(Also almost every lever action rifle or revolver has a speedloader that makes the reload a lot more lover than a mag fed gun, the thng they lack is firepower and firerate)
One thing that could balance both is that you can shoot in internal mag guns after loading even a single round

Na i think this would be going from nice pve challenge like weight and inventory slots to just annyoing make it where you can store anything in anything as long as it takes up the same amount of slots that it can carry like in 3.0

still makes no sense, cause cant survivor grab a mag out of their backpack though it might take longer? this could’ve been a good Idea but well, it got screwed up.

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