Level Design

Since 4.X is supposed to be survival oriented, it needs maps that will facilitate survival gameplay.

  • In general firearms, and their paraphernalia should be more difficult to find.
  • Lines of sight should be longer, to account for the more realistic ballistics, and to allow players to see eachother, before they are alarmingly close to eachother.
  • Players should be in some way encouraged to move around more. It could be incentivized by:
    – Degrading soil
    – Zombies being attracted to areas players are frequently at.
    – Animals being attracted to less trafficked areas.
    – Resources being harder to obtain
    – Resources spawning less in highly trafficked areas
    – Resources being less effective
    – Changing weather

I love the idea of zombies tracking you to your base because you’ve moved from there to a nearby town multiple times


I don’t think

Is a good idea
Because a lot of people like to take time to and build giant castles until one day to find out that it was mawled by that 1 xombie that followed you home. Or you’re hurt and trying to heal up, next thing you see if a giant horde of those little shits coming at you and you barely have what can sustain you. Because let’s be honest, either they’re gonna be too much or too little in number. We can either just kill them easily and find no use of those attacking the base in the first place (except giving you loot drops) or they’re gonna be overwhelming and devour you and your base because you didn’t have enough supplies


Thanks for the A+ in my English essay :slight_smile:

I think a lone zombie could just be tweaked to actually do damage in a horde rather than eat an entire base by itself

I also think it would be a neat idea to have countermeasures against hordes of zombies coming to your house such as a safezone radiator repelling/scaring away zombies or a trap that lures zombies to said trap rather than your own base

how would you scare away mindless beasts who only follow their hunger for you…

how do mindless beasts stop spawning after you place down some machine that was constructed from a vaccine made out of bricks and some metal sheets

I don’t think logic should really be put foward and the ideas I’ve listed were throwaway ideas anyways and the safezone radiator might not even be in 4.0

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yeah I think so as well.

He did prove you wrong there. But still, I don’t wanna be forced to build a machine that is overpowered just so i can live. With the SZ Radiator, it also stops items from spawning, so it’s balanced. But that one straight up repells them for some odd reason. Might as well put these up in cities. Would make everything easier for everyone tbh

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I was thinking higher zombie spawn rates near, or (if map roaming zombies are implemented) zombies just wandering towards, areas that players are often at.

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