LiamDoesGame’s Trio Tournament on Escalation

Join a one-day tournament hosted by LDG, where three-man teams will visit the new “Escalation” curated map and fight till the end. Teams can build bases, form alliances, and raid each other in order to be the last team standing.

The event will take place on an otherwise vanilla, 1st-person server of the new Escalation curated map. Bullet drop is enabled, players keep their skills on death, and airdrops will be much more frequent as well. Build whatever bases you like—large or small—prepare defenses, and make tactics for raiding your opponents.

For a team to be eliminated, their base needs to be raided. If a team’s base doesn’t get raided, the team is still alive. Winning fights and raiding bases will give your team points, and the team with the highest points will win. The top three teams will receive trophy skins!

For more information, the tournament’s rules, and how to sign-up – join the event discord at Participants are also welcome to stream or record their own perspective of the event!


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