Light the fire

in the unturned 3.0 the fire is virtually automatic is only you put a campfire on the ground or a torch on the wall and press F to turn it on or off as Nelson plans to explore more the fire theme I think the ways to get fire should be updated , PHOSPHORUS: can be found in any house or restaurant a box can be used 10 times to light fire every time it represents a match, LIGHTER: can be found in some houses or camps would be a little rarer than toothpicks Have a percentage of use every time it is used, it depletes 1%, so it can be used 100 times when it reaches 0% of its gas ends and can no longer be used, moving torches in the hand like a flashlight would be an option but the flashlights already have this function, unless the flashlights receive a battery that needs to be replaced, PRIMITIVE WAY: with a special skill you can use the friction between sticks or the beat of stones to get embers and make to get fire.

In the future, can you please categorize your posts before you make them? Thanks.

I’m assuming this is for Unturned II, so I’ve moved it to #unturned-4 .

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So basically the system from The Long Dark. I’m a fan.

Okay, but tell me did you like the idea?

willy pete nades when

He didn’t specify if it was red, which is in matches, or white, which is what you’re thinking of.

unironically believing i hadn’t considered this

unironically believing i wasn’t joking about the presence of the word “phosphorus”

the absolute state of communism

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“absolute state of communism”

oxymoron innit

Everyone in Unturned’s universe learned pyrokinesis as soon as they’ve born, same goes with driving skills.

In all seriousness, sure, that’s doesn’t seems to be too mind-boggling. At least everything except the Phosphorus part… Just call them matches for people’s sakes.

Why can’t new people research the forum before making their posts? I’ve seen that like 70% of new posts are suggestions that have been talked before or even that are already planned. This is one of those; I made something pretty similar:

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