Lighters [Item Suggestions #1]

I’ll be making more of these posts over time detailing random item suggestions that I come up with off the top of my head. As the title suggests, this post is about lighters, and I’ve several variants here.

Note: Certain items are suggested purely for the sake of discussion and comparison, so many items throughout this series may seem redundant or even controversial. Please keep a clear and open mind and discuss these suggestions in a calm, civil manner.

Disposable Lighter
A butane lighter made of cheap plastic, of a type sold in almost every type of store throughout the nation.

  • Cannot be refueled
  • The player must hold [LMB] while the item is equipped in order to keep the lighter lit

Metal Lighter
A metal-cased lighter popular with soldiers, adventurers, and outdoorsmen throughout the world due to its mechanical simplicity and reliability.

  • Can be refueled using lighter fluid
  • If equipped and [LMB] is clicked once, the lighter will stay lit until it is holstered
  • Accepts skins and other customization options
  • Windproof, will stay lit despite harsh weather

Match Lighter
Consists of a fuel-filled metal shell and a threaded metal rod, which is the “match” and is screwed into the container of fuel. Used in a similar manner to an actual match, but can be used as long as there is fuel in the container.

  • Can be refueled using lighter fluid
  • Flame lasts for 15 seconds before the rod has to be screwed back into the container to absorb more fuel

A handheld propane-fueled tool used for repairing, welding, and even cooking.

  • Accepts small propane canisters
  • Provides a constant source of flame that will burn until the player releases [LMB] or when the item runs out of fuel
  • Used in a wide range of crafting recipes, especially those involving metal components
  • Can be used to repair vehicles
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The nation of Canada I presume?


By nation I mean [insert nation here]
And blowtorches are propane fueled and are used for welding, no?

Acetylene/oxygen or electric torches are the only way you’re going to get a good weld with any ferrous material and even if you were to weld something with propane, you’d use a propane/oxygen torch, not a regular propane torch.

No lighters are windproof. It would also help if you added pictures, because i have no idea what a “match” lighter is. Do you mean a “stick” lighter?

Zippos are very wind resistant and it’s almost impossible to blow them out from either side.

This is a match lighter, or a “permanent match.”

combo!!! Lighter + Deodorant = Improvized Flamentower

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no, its hairspray.

Any spray with this symbol would work tbh.


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To be honest, I can’t imagine hairspray and a lighter doing much damage other than scaring off turned and burning away spore clouds.


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