Lighting adjustment

Hi there, This is probably the first post in months that I didn’t asking on “Any idea on how to make _____” (Thank god.)

Anyhow. I have come with a suggestion on the 3.0 editor, it’s quite… lacking in specific brightness customization.

You see the “No lighting” option in the effect node, ya?

As you can see, you can only adjust it to 100% lighting, or 0% lighting. But what if, you can adjust it as you wish.
(This is just on a node, not on an entire map)
And how is this going to be useful? You may ask.

Well. I think it would be nice to add these type of node on (or in) a cave that has like, holes on the ceiling? Certain areas that doesn’t fitted with full lighting nor complete darkness, or in a custom dense spooky forest? I don’t know.

Doesn’t like, default lighting and shadows enough for you?
Perhaps, but what harm can it done? Afteralls, with more detail and customization comes with more creativity.

Any thoughts?


if this is asked for 4.0 it belongs in 4.x XD, if its asked for in 3.0 it belongs in 3.x

I don’t really know if 4.0 would really had an editor like in 3.0

Besides that, it’s not really considered as a main gameplay feature for both either. (Or that it’s fitted both since I assume that 4.0 would had an world editor. Even tho, I asked for 3.0) So I posted here where. People talk about editing and modding. In which this is, fitting.

well we cant really do something like that with modding. sorry dude :confused: nelson himself would have to do it.
maybe with 4.0 but not 3.0

I’m not really an expert on Unity and how Nelson made lighting for Unturned by any means, but just throwing in a slider to make certain areas lighter or darker could mean a rework of lighting entirely.

And knowing Unity, while it is possible, it would most probably mean slowing down 3.0 even further.

I’m sure you could get what you want through the devkit by using the ticking the no lighting box in the ambiance tab. (See image for reference)

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Actually I’ve done just that.

Unfortunately the light ray between morning to midday and midday to dusk “kinda” ruin the entire view. (Maybe because I set the ray at medium, don’t know if people would even set that on)

Anyhow. I might aswell find a way to add fog in that. (sorry for derailing and personal opinion.)

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