Lightning storms & Getting wet

I know there’s already a thing about lightning storms. I’m just telling my ideas.
Lightning storms
In 3.0, rainy weather wasn’t a big problem.
Possible lightnings destroying trees, buildables, or even damage players should happen imo. But, lightning storms in the game won’t last long.

Getting wet & Raincoats
Also, clothes should get wet in rainy weather, or in water, which will cause getting cold, or even freeze to death. For that not to happen, we should have raincoats in the game, or we can use wetsuit. They won’t get wet fast, and keep you warm a bit.

Also, stupid i know but can we have a “machine” for weather forecast, so we can be prepared for weather conditions will happen in the game? There was only one way to learn what will happen, clouds were getting darker, and then rain was starting suddenly.


Maybe a barometer?:thinking:

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In order to prevent yourself from getting struck by lightning, you put everything that is made from “Metal” in your backpack because metal is a conductor. (The idea I just typed isn’t original, it’s from Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild.)

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I like the idea of having to be careful about getting wet, since it often causes hypothermia in a survival situation.

I did touch on rain and thunderstorms a bit in my Survival Overhaul way back, if you’re interested in taking a look you might like what you find.

that wont be needed unless the storms have a big impact on gameplay

Under the assumption that storms will at least do the following:

  • have lightning that can disable struck electronics and randomly murder things
  • have rain that causes the status of being quite wet
  • have clouds and fog that create a visually kinda-darker atmosphere
  • have the growing of crops be more substantial

…storms will be subjectively impactful just like any other weather.

I don’t think a piece of machinery is needed regardless, but I’m not that against it either. I’d say that it’s likely other things will be affected anyways. Storms may end up:

  • impacting your renewable energy generators
  • impacting fishing

…et cetera. I think a machine that did more than just detected incoming weather would be more useful though. Could have something that counts down to the next approaching season, or measures wind speed.


imo it would make far more sense if it was comprised of several tools rather than a single machine.


  • an anemometer and weather vane which measures speed and direction of wind

  • a thermometer for accurately gauging ambient temperature

  • a hygrometer, since ambient humidity can passively fill water collectors and nourish crops

  • rain gauges (or even rain barrels) could potentially be used to tell how many mm/cm/in of rain fell in a single storm, which could be used to determine how severe the storm was and how much water crops got

  • a pyranometer, which measures the radiative strength of sunlight, which can be important for renewable energy generation as well as crop growth and visibility

  • a transmissometer, which directly measures visibility

This could really pave the way for advanced environmental mechanics.


That’s what i want. Storms should have a big impact on gameplay.
(it already does, it drops the fps a lot)

I think that’s a great idea!

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