Lightningstrike Boss vs. Vehicle Batteries

The Lightningshock Zombie Boss should be able to kill the power of any vehicles that have a Vehicle Battery when it shoots lightning. Two of my friends had thought that had happened while at Alika Base, and they were sad that this “WOAH, TECHNOLOGY!” moment was not actually real, and they had probably just left the Vehicle Battery running by mistake.

Aside from being randomly cool, it’s uh… quite… cool? I don’t have much personal justification beyond it being cool.

Tldr: Zap-zap man should zap vehicles people are driving nearby into no-juice mode.


Same if the vehicle is hit by lightning!


I’d love to see lightning strikes during storms get implemented in the game and react with the enviroment in some way e.g. randomly setting trees on fire, killing animals, zombies or even players (should be a rare occasion though). It certainly would make running around outside in storms more interesting and risky.


I would think that if Nelson felt lazy and didn’t implement a fire/shock feature the shock could pretty much be a disgused explosion. If it hit a tree it would “blow” it up, and the same for a base, destructive object, player, zombie, or anything that can be destroyed or killed.

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Metal bases damaging everyone in it when hit

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Now that Is a thing I would implement.

Be me
all cars found so far have been locked
find a green sedan with 3 wheels
Finally find a steely, go to unlock le sedan
Get in and start driving
Lightning hits the car, no spare battery


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Lightning can be an alternate power usage???

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Hopefully !

Maybe. Realistically it’s a bit beyond our technology and not that practical or efficient, but there’s a lot of concerning things our character can do with magic anyways! :wink:

I think just vandalizing enemy bases during storms by placing lightning rods on top of generators and other machinery would be more entertaining. Equally unusual, and quite over-the-top, but entertaining.