Lights need this feature

Don’t you hate it when your lights only come on at night? Me too. This adds some tickboxes that allows you to change when you want your light to be active. Clicking both means all the time. This would mean dark areas could always be lit!


this is lit.


Hahaha get it??? Because there’s a lamp in the image and lit means illuminant and the lamp produces light which makes it lit ahah :joy: :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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you cause me agony


thank you watch mojo. com

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This will only be a modding feature, not map editor one, because I think this is impossible to implement due to map editor and object parameter lines being hard-coded.
As Redigit, the main Terraria developer says replying to such suggestions, it’s a “Terraria 2 idea”. This one could be only Unturned II idea.

isnt this ironic


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