Limited Recoloring

Give cosmetic devs the option to enable recoloring for certain items in certain sections.

Produce a feature which is conducive of this for cosmetics. These recolors are only in-game, similar to skin tones.

I haven’t mapped this idea out completely but I’d imagine @SDGNelson would be able to at least float around a cute idea for implementing it, even if it never happens.

I feel like there is a noticeable issue with Unturned’s cosmetic marketplace where there appears to be a bloat of recolored items, which can make it hard to browse and find new options. These are mostly low value, low priced items which don’t really make people any substantial money.

Purple ski goggles, orange ski goggles.

Purple neckscarf, green neckscarf.

All of these are individual items which have their own market listings. Adding an option to simply change the color of the neckscarf in game with the default version sold on the marketplace and allowing a cosmetics creator to decide on whether or not an item is compatible with this feature before the item is added would make things so much less bloated while giving players way more freedom, thus increasing the cosmetic value of these simple items.

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I’m sure that would go over well

Good idea but I think this is not going to be in priority right now