Line of Sight hit registration bug

A small issue occurs when shooting at someone and then moving into cover before the bullet can reach its target. It doesn’t affect many fights and for the most part is unnoticeable, but when it does happen it’s annoying.


2 Screenshots showing the frame before and the frame of the shot connecting for clarity.
Screenshot (151)
Screenshot (152)

From my understanding of the game currently, the issue is caused by a form of anticheat built into the game that prevents players from killing you through walls. However the LOS check it does for bullets applies when they connect onto a target, meaning if you shoot while someone is in view and then move into cover before the bullet hits, the shot will be invalidated. This is exactly what happened in the clip above, the shot taken was perfectly normal but because the other player was out of view the moment the shot connected, the bullet became invalid and did 0 damage.

I’m not sure how exactly this should be fixed but I think the issue should be at the very least be made known. It’s also a very easy issue to replicate, all you have to do is shoot at someone and move into cover before the bullet impacts and it should invalidate the shot. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


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