Liquids Please

I need people to help me come up with interesting liquids. They need to be accomplishable in Unturned and not boring. I need the kind of shit that would make a person explode, want to kill themselves, would kill them, or drive them to kill others.

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Honey slows the player down
Poop slowly loose radiation
Snot slows player down and you fall a lot faster + slowly loose health / radiation
Apple juice replenish thirst



You cant change player speed

What can you do? Is custom water even possible?

Is it just going to be some dodgy copy of the lava which just instantly kills?

It’s like a liquid you drink

Fizz pop bang! Blows up the player


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-6 radiation +30 thirst -2 health

+heat and berry effect

Dr.Tophatapesky premium antibiotics that gives you the ability to fire whit the left arm the flame thrower effect and whit the right one the acid splitter effect.

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